Four seasons of Kashmir

Spring, summer, autumn and winter are the same to paradise Kashmir as there are spices to the food. Each season has it’s own unique way of adding flavor to the beauty of this heaven. The changing of the colors of each entity of nature symbolizes a transition from one season to another.

The Spring

It marks an onset of new life, a rejuvenation to the soul. The fragrance of newly sprouted blossoms greets a visitor everywhere. Spring arises a “hope” for a fruitful summer to come.

The Summer

This is the time to harvest the fruits of persistent handwork. Now, the blossoms of hope have transformed into sweet fruits. This time is to rejoice and embrace the beauty of valley. Higher reaches of Kashmir show a favorable weather unlike other places that keep bearing the scorching sun during these months.

The Autumn

The fall of red and yellow dead leaves off the trees, renders them bare. The Chinar glows red as if it has caught fire by absorbing all the summer heat within. Meanwhile, this season also brings colder mornings and evenings; a preparation for the coming winter.

The Winter

Winter is the white ghost that takes life away. Everything turns motionless under the blanket of snow that is spread all over. The silently falling snow covers up everything slowly as if hiding bitter memories of past underneath.
Nature has synchronized the seasons of Kashmir valley with the culture and lifestyle of the dwellers. Seasons share an intimate bond with the culture of this paradise on earth.

Spring is a start,
Summer is harvest,
Autumn is a fall,
Winter is a pause.