T1HikingTrail well clearedArea flat or slightly sloped, no fall hazardNone
T2Mountain HikingTrail with continuous line and balanced ascentTerrain partially steep, fall hazard possibleHiking shoes recommended
Some sure footedness
T3Demanding Mountain HikingExposed sites may be secured with ropes or chains, possible need to use hands for balancePartly exposed sites with fall hazard, scree, pathless jagged rocksWell sure-footed
Good hiking shoes

Basic alpine experience

T4Alpine HikingSometimes need for hand use to get aheadTerrain quite exposed, precarious grassy acclivities, jagged rocks, facile snow-free glaciersFamiliarity with exposed terrain
Solid trekking boots
Some ability for terrain assessment
Alpine experience
T5Demanding Alpine HikingSingle plainly climbing up to second gradeExposed, demanding terrain, jagged rocks, few dangerous glacier and névéMountaineering boots
Reliable assessment of terrain
Profound alpine experience
Elementary knowledge of handling ice axe and rope
T6Difficult Alpine HikingClimbing up to second gradeOften very exposed, precarious jagged rocks, glacier with danger to slip and fallMature alpine experience
Familiarity with the handling of technical alpine equipment