Trekking in the rain

Four seasons of Kashmir

Spring is a start,
Summer is harvest,
Autumn is a fall,
Winter is a pause.

Kashmiri Handicrafts

“Agar firdous baroye zameen ast, hami asto, hami asto hami ast” – Amir-e-Khusru Dehluvi
(If there is paradise on earth, It is here, it is here, it is here)”.
Kashmir a Paradise on Earth and a place of serenity, simplicity and natural beauty.

Jhelum the river of Kashmir

Ches behith adris beithis Jhelumus (I sit here on the banks of the river); Kadlay taar dei Na Kahn Jhelumus (Will someone help me cross?); Naaive hundh paile chu aaivul Jhelumus (My boat is fragile); Khotsan ches naaive manz Jhelumus (And I fear to cross alone) “Songwriter; Mhd. Muneem Nazir”